Frightful House Guests: Spiders, Bats and Other Creatures

October has arrived, which means you don’t have to clean those cobwebs as they are now a part of your Halloween decorations. How’s that for a homeowner hack?

All jokes aside, it’s a great time for a bit of scary fun with decorations, but some real life creatures can make you scream in terror. What is the best way to deal with these little problems?

Spiders are mostly harmless and are more scared of you than you are of them, but most people don’t want them around. The best way to get rid of spiders is to kill them when you spot them. Prevention is also key. Keep firewood away from the house, seal cracks or gaps where spiders can enter the home and keep the house clean. Eliminate spiders’ food source, which is other bugs. Some say that spiders avoid the smell of peppermint; so spraying a mixture with peppermint oil may deter the little creatures away.

Bats are a most feared creature, in part due to their fictional link with vampires and in part due to the fear of rabies. In reality, bats carry rabies far less than other mammals. Less than .05% of bats contract the disease, and even less than that turn into vampires. ;) However, bats can eat hundreds of insects in an hour, which makes them a friend rather than a foe. Insects can hear bats and often stay away from areas where they are present. They are also prolific pollinators. In recent years, many people have begun building bat houses in order to draw the creatures in for these benefits.

Fruit Flies aren’t exactly the subject of horror movies, but let’s face it – they can be a big problem. Warm days and sunshine often linger throughout October, ripening gourds and Jack o’ lanterns and then drawing in these tiny pests. Fruit flies spend their entire lives looking for rotting fruit, hence the name. They eat the fungus or mold that grows on the fruit, not the fruit itself. The best prevention, therefore, is to eat your fruit before it rots. To catch fruit flies, set out a glass of wine or vinegar, which will attract them.

We wish you a happy October, filled with all your favorite house guests and decorations.


Sources: Angie’s List and HGTV