Our Mortgage Experts

The team at Paramount Mortgage Company has been helping homebuyers and homeowners since 1970.
Co-owners H. John Frank, Jr. and David Griege, who combined have more than 50 years of mortgage banking experience, guide our team of mortgage originators. Our loan processing, closing and post-closing teams are led by professionals with years of service to Paramount. Each employee undergoes extensive, ongoing training and is committed to uphold the highest ethical standards of mortgage banking.

We work for the best interest of the borrower throughout the loan process. Keeping our clients up-to-date with the processing, working as the borrower's advocate through underwriting and attending the closing with the homebuyer is just part of the process. "Having someone they know and trust at the end of the home buying or refinance process can ease the tension of making the largest purchase in most people's lifetime,” says H. John Frank, Jr., president of Paramount Mortgage Company.

The origination staff at Paramount is skilled in evaluating each individual’s unique circumstances and helping borrowers make informed choices.

Headquarters: St. Louis, Missouri

Florida Branch Office